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1989 - 1996

The smooth planes of Chadwick's Steel sculptures minimise and purify the simplified forms which define his work.  Where he chose to use the reflective qualities of polished steel, the polygon structures assemble together with a weightless energy, forming shards of light into a variety of alert mechanical cyborgs and armoured figures.

These works were made later in his life, when the very physical process of welding on a large scale and applying stolit became impossible.  Continuing to welding three dimensional 'diagrams', these structures and their flat planes could be easily scaled up to the desired size at the foundry.  

Chadwick chose to cast some of these later works in sheet bronze, see 'Sitting Couple on a Bench'-1990.

The use of flat planes had already been explored in 1966, when Chadwick produced a series of pyramids made from wood, faced with formica, see 'Pyramids'-1966. 

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